System Development with artificial intelligence (AI)

Efficient Problem Solving with Machine Learning (ML) Models

Preparing for AI

3 successive stages of work

  • Description of the idea in those document
  • Machine learning problem setting
  • Documenting the expected result

The TOR describes: what needs to be achieved with the AI and additional components of the system, and where the input data will be taken from, where it will go next (intermediate processing) and in what form and the final result of the system will have to be displayed (where to integrate later)       raquo;.

from $ 45 000 /
from 10 days


Table of contents screen from TK
Find by Face project

Screen from analysis
Find by Face project

Screenshot of a mind map from the
architecture of the Find by Face project

Create AI

Using ready-made models

  • Model setup
  • Data preparation
  • Model training
  • Evaluation of the result
  • Optimization

The creation of artificial intelligence takes place in several repetitive stages. Adjusting the finished model to the requirements from TK. Data collection (existing data is structured, search is carried out among open sources or created from from scratch). Model training (i.e. training to get the desired result from it). Evaluation of the result (testing on data that the model has not previously seen). Optimization (new data, training, evaluation).

from $ 675 000 /
from 45 days


AI system

Implementation of the entire system with AI on a turnkey basis

  • Preparation (TOR, Analysis, Architecture)
  • Creating AI (open source or API model)
  • Implementation of related components (Back-end, DBMS, admin panel, API)
  • Integration into business (existing IT system)

An effective solution to the problem consisting of implementation of a set of stages aimed at achieving the desired result. The preparatory stages are carried out taking into account the existing IT system. The creation of AI is carried out in parallel with the development of related components. The system is created functionally scalable and easily supported.

from $ 1 575 000 /
from 120 days

  • AI development
  • Ecosystem for AI
  • AI functionality

AI development

Platform selection, model creation and training

Frameworks and Libraries for Python:

PyTorch, PyTorch Lightning,, TensorFlow, OpenCV

Machine learning from Apple / Google, MTCNN (facenet-pytorch), InceptionResnetV1 (VGGFace2), BERT DeepPavlov, ruGPT-3

Plate Recognizer, Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Vision, Yandex DataSphere, Yandex Vision, Azure Computer Vision, Azure Decision, BERT from Google

Ecosystem for AI

Bundle of back-end and mobile application

UX/UI design:

Figma, After Effects

MVVM for iOS with Combine and SwiftUI

MVVM for Android with Kotlin and Android Studio

Python, Django, Docker, Swagger

PostgreSQL, MongoDB

Chat (tete-a-tete, group), Invites, Subscribers, Subscriptions, Rating, Reviews, Complain

Trello, GitLab, Telegram, Google Workspace

AI functionality

Artificial intelligence can do a lot


Object Detection, Defect Detection, Object Counting, Anomaly Detection, Anomaly Detection, Pattern Detection

Predicting an event / action / disease, Forming recommendations, Revealing patterns, Searching for anomalies

Recognizing words from «Audio/Video/File/Speech» and then converting them to text

Determining the sound source, its characteristics or composition

Implemented projects

Steps implementations AI

  1. Functional requirements
  2. Terms of Reference
  3. Analysis
  4. architecture design
  5. Create AI
  6. Packaging the AI into a module
  7. Integration of the AI module into business
  8. Quality Achievement Control

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